What do you like about Berlin?
I come from Munich and lived there up until a few years ago – I grew up on the outskirts and studied there. But I’d planned to move to Berlin for years. A theatre project had me full-time in Freising for many years and then it was harder to make the decision. In 2012, I finally took the leap and made the move. I like the sheer size of Berlin, the unpretentiousness and the complexity of its history. Somehow, it works.

What do you like about your job?
Individual coachings are a whole lot of fun. I find it intense and productive when I get to accompany someone over a long period of time. It’s a process, a path that you go down. I enjoy it most of all when I get the chance to film a client’s performance, for example a speech, and then to analyse and discuss the various layers of the performance together with them. Even brilliant orators need coachings or they hold back. Musicians never stop practising, after all.

Do you have a role model or a maxim for life?
Not specifically. To some extent in my life there are two strands that remain with me: the verbal and the non-verbal. The spoken word and that which lies beneath it. The most important question is: what lies beneath the words?