What might good communication in the space during one of your coaching sessions look like?
First of all: for me, communication always has a lot to do with space – how you approach the space or the people within it. Communication is co-determined through the space for me. I find it exciting to experiment with spaces and to see how these spaces influence the people. To this end, two geometrical shapes spring to mind: a square with viewers seated on its side lines and a round stage in the middle that turns very slowly. All communication happens on this stage. This isn’t a bazaar for me so much as a change in perspective, one that I consider to be very important. Whoever finds themselves on the stage for this experiment certainly needs a good measure of stability on their feet.

What do you do to make the world a little bit better?
Not enough, I think. To be honest, I would love to do more, but I have such an egocentric profession. There is one thing that I do try to do, however: I avoid plastic and I buy as little as possible. I hate the stuff. It really gets me down that there is so much plastic in the ocean. Oh yeah, and when my children are older, I’d really love to make more art.