What lies beneath the words?

Name: Alexander Veit, Actor, Bavarian and Body Language Coach.

Favourite ice-cream flavour: pistachio.

Favourite ice-cream parlour: Anna Maria in Prenzlauer Berg. Small, charming – and with an impressive Italian lady behind the counter.

Why we’re eating ice-cream with him:
Because Alexander is a professional in the kind of space that we develop: stages of all kinds. Also because it’s exciting to learn about his user perspective on exactly this stage and to scrutinise our own work over and over again with this new knowledge.

Which memory do you associate with your favourite ice-cream flavour?
Florence in the eighties. That’s when I sampled this ice-cream flavour for the first time – and since then, I have learned that making a good pistachio ice-cream is quite a challenge. Pistachios are really expensive, but if you’re stingy with them, you simply won’t get a good ice-cream.