Always looking great

Attractive and brand-appropriate

The number of different output formats, devices and software versions are increasing steadily and cause a a higher risk of presentation problems: 4:3 becomes 16:9 or vice versa, software incompabilities or missing fonts cause presentation problems.
The brand appearance can also be misperseived by the user side – due to free interpretation of the corporate design or supposed“cool effects”

Automatic adaptation to Screen Size and Ratio
No matter what kind of display you are using, what size or ratio, cloudFOLIO will always adapt to fit the screen without stretching or squashing images or logos.


Platform indepence:

cloudFOLIO runs stable on PC, Mac, iPads and iPhones, Android is in the works.


Brand Consistency:

Screen design, navigation logic, typography, templateds and effects will be adjusted to your corporate design. With cloudFOLIO your presentation always looks brand orientated no matter who is editing it.


White Label

Subbrands or subsidiaries can use the same presentation in their own layout with just one klick.