cloudFOLIO meets Ammann

Mathematics, Aestethics and Autism

This website was created with the presentation software cloudFOLIO by raumHOCH.

The layout and design was developed in cooperation with Florian Markl, an artist and graphic designer from Berlin. Before starting to work as a freelanced graphic designer in the high- and pop-cultural context, Florian Markl was assistant of Tobias Rehberger for several years.

The design of this web site is based on a mathematic principle which was detected by Robert Ammann: the so-called Ammann A3 system. This “aperiodic tiling” is consisted of three different elements which can be divided into self-similar tiles. The tiles are created automatically by a division logarithm. Due to the fractal nature and its modularity the tiles are of great aesthetic value and perfectly overlap two dimensional areas.
Robert Ammann (1946 – 1994) was an American programmer and post sorter. He wrote some groundbreaking contributions about the theory of the Aperiodic tiling and quasicrystals. At the age of three he could read, add and substract. When he was four years old he stopped to speak and only began again with the help of a therapist. He couldn’t cope with the then school- and university system. From today’s perspective he is considered as an autistic person.
raumHOCH is also working on investigations about the use of the Ammann A3 system in space. The system can be used for gaming pieces, furniture as well as space-forming constructions and combined with them. A few examples can be found in the figures shown on this page.



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