What do you like about Berlin?
I’ve lived in Berlin for seven years now, although originally I come from Frieburg in Breisgau. During my studies in Offenburg I moved around a lot, including two years in Wiesbaden. Like many newcomers, I now find myself with a touch of the seven-year-itch: do I stay or do I go? At the moment, staying looks more likely – partly because the setting here fits so well what we do. I like the people of Berlin. It’s true, the “Berliner Schnauze” can sometimes be harsh, but at least Berliners are honest! You always know where you stand.

What do you say when someone at a party asks what you do?
I say I have a studio. It’s a pretty open-ended response.

What do you like about your job?
We work on such diverse projects – from design to interactive installations right through to media art. Every project is different and we challenge ourselves every single time. The journey is often the destination, since it’s hard to know exactly how to reach a goal at the very beginning of the project. In the end, it always works out. Always.