Which daily rituals do you follow?
I don’t do yoga or anything like that, although I do drink coffee every day. For me, having a coffee means taking a break and removing myself from the daily grind for a moment. All the better if I can leave the studio for a short while and grab a coffee outside. I get some fresh air and have a chance to think things through – and that always helps me to find a way to push forward.

What was the last nice thing you bought yourself?
Oh, that’s a tricky one. Ah, now I remember: friends from Paris were visiting and we went to the Maxim Gorki Theater together to watch Othello. Always worth a visit and this time it was really great. Tickets were 32 Euro.

What did you want to do when you grew up – and what changed?
I never wanted to be a fireman or anything like that, rather I wanted to do something similar to what I do today! Of course, at the time it was difficult to define a role like mine, but it fits pretty well with what I wanted to do.