The "Arts, Coffee and Media"-Guy

Name: Andreas Lutz, Engineer, Baden Resident and Creative Director of Kasuga.

Favourite ice-cream flavour: Bottermelk and lemon cornetto.

Favourite ice-cream parlour: Andreas doesn’t have one. Instead, he prefers the ice-cream freezer in the supermarket on the corner – simply because they stock his favourite ice-cream.

Why we’re eating ice-cream with him:
In his studio Kasuga, Andreas operates between the fields of design, interaction and media art, which makes him a valuable partner for us. We enjoy working with Andreas on projects such as our open source project flexMOTE – but life isn’t all about work! Hence today’s excursion: we already know plenty about each other in a professional sense, but it’s about time we learnt about his taste in frozen desserts. So we’re going for an ice-cream.

Which memory do you associate with your favourite ice-cream flavour?
To be honest: nothing in particular. In summer, I eat ice-cream and in winter I don’t. Not much more to it than that!