Anyone can live in Düsseldorf, you really have to want to live in Duisburg.

Andreas Severin, Lower Rhine Dweller, Chemist and Communications Consultant.

Favourite ice cream flavour:

Favourite ice cream parlour: 
“Cici” in Duisburg-Neudorf. And not because the furnishings are cool or because the ice cream is unbelievable – mainly because of the people there.
Cici is a family business and Andreas has been eating ice cream there since the owner’s kids were still little. He somehow feels at home in this ice cream parlour, he says – an argument that none of our other eisBLOG dates have thrown into the ring so far.

Why we’re eating ice cream with him:
We have only recently come into contact with Andreas, but it soon became clear: we’re on the same wavelength, somehow. And we would love to see a great collaboration come out of this. So, we’re getting started straight away with a delicious ice cream!