Which book will you never let go of?
Anke: It's a relatively new one, but all the same: Unterleuten by Juli Zeh. I found so many parallels with life in a small world in the Brandenburg countryside, where we have our weekend home - it's almost scary. The typical characters are described so strikingly. And it really affected me to see that I, a city woman who spends her weekends in the country, am also a part of the system of power struggles.

What do you do on a surprise day off?
Sleep, read, laze about. Let the sun shine on my face. And then I have a guilty conscience because there is actually so much to do and my kids really don't get me very often either.

What do you do to make the world a better place?
I try to make sure that people with disabilities get to participate in our cultural riches. In doing so, I notice time and time again how associations representing their interest have to defend their rights to such extremes in order to achieve anything. Above all in Berlin I notice constantly how far we have to go before we're able to speak of a "matter of course". But I try to take plenty of baby steps in that direction.