Art Directors Club

ADC Awards Show | Berlin

„You are the star“ was the motto of the ACD award who which took place in the halls of the former postal freight train station at Gleisdreck. Artists and guests entered the hall through a red theatre curtain and crossed show steps to reach a 100 m cat walk. The latter was a former “banana hall”. 2500 enthusiastic participants followed the awards ceremony. A “golden nail”, “driven” into the speaker’s desk, formed the focus on the stage. The speakers entered the stage through the ADC-star. The menu courses of the after show party were staged as theatre acts and presented to the crowd via the cat walk. 100 illuminated refrigerators complemented the show light in the hall and created the framework for the opulent menu.

Benefits: Cooperation Concept, Draft, Visualization
For: Milla & Partner (Advice | Creative Direction | Project Management)
Image rights: Milla & Partner, ADC, raumHOCH