Axel Springer Online Brands

dmexco 2009 | Cologne

The overall concept of the appearance of Axel Springer Impact which was established at the OMD in Dusseldorf years before was continued at the dmexco in Cologne. For the first time Axel Springer Financial Media was also part of the joint presentation. Also dominating this time: the brand columns with a strong long distance effect. The stand surface was devided into a public area with freely accessable product presentations, surf terminals and a piazza, semi-public lounges and bar plus a private area with closed meeting rooms. The continious color coding of the lounges up to the product presentations marked the main marked areas Bild Gruppe, Welt Gruppe, Spezial und Axel Springer Financial Media.

Benefits: Concept, Implementation Planning, Construction Supervision
For: IPW In Puncto Werbung|Berlin
Image rights: raumHOCH