Axel Springer Online Brands

dmexco 2011 | Cologne

For the fifth time in a row raumHOCH created and realized Axel Springer’s appearance at the dmexco in collaboration with IPW, an ad agency from Berlin.
All brands were presented on a “brand column”, the Axel Springer’s trademark at the dmexco. A central bar, surrounded by standing tables, was the first point of contact of the visitors and the communicative center of the exhibition stand.
The big open lounge – the meeting point for conversatons – was a clearly visible gesture. The huge media presentation surface was supplemented by the mobile board. With this board the visitors were able to experience the mobile devices, partals and communications channels of the different brands.
The stand gained further attention to the makeup and beauty specialist Boris Entrup and the famous photographer Andreas Ortner from New York. They put the visitors in the limelight for stylebook under the motto: “Be a star”.

Benefits: Concept, Draft, Visualization, Implementation Planning, Construction Management
For: IPW In Puncto Werbung | Berlin
Image rights: raumHOCH