Axel Springer iPad Stick

German Media congress 2012 | Frankfurt

'A new era' was the motto for the 4th German Media Congress that took place in Frankfurt's Alte Oper on the 17th and 18th January 2012. Over 80 speakers discussed perspectives and innovation in the media branch.
Axel Springer Media Impact, one of the major event sponsors, was represented in a lounge area. Guests enjoyed expressos and macaroons here as they got to know the Axel Springer portfolio. A particular highlight was the iPad Stick, developed especially for the event. This combination of traditional newspaper stick and iPad summed up the event's motto with a cheeky wink.
The iPad stick was both an attractive and eye-catching communication tool and proved to be very popular with visitors.

Services: Concept, draft, visualisation
for: IPW In Puncto Werbung | Berlin
Image rights: raumHOCH