Axel Springer Online Brands

OMD 2008 | Dusseldorf

Apart from the online brands of the Axel Springer Media Impact the two brands zanox and eprofessional were also presented on a joint stand. A building for the meeting- and side rooms divided the stand into two areas which were connected again by a centrally located bar. Apart from the marked columns – which already served as a communication tool for the individual products and areas in the previous year – a circulating LED ribbon was installed in the upper part of the building. The small brand ribbon was displayed like the LED ribbon on the Axel-Springer building in Berlin and therefore could communicate the whole portfolio of the company group from the family brand to the individual product.
Further specials were the presentations for iPhones and a monolith which was displayed with two 103“ screens behind black glass.

Benefits: Concept, Planning, Tendering, Construction supervision
For: IPW In Puncto Werbung | Berlin
Image rights: raumHOCH