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Barbara Hallmann, journalist, blogger, repatriate

Favourite ice cream flavor:

Favourite ice cream parlour:
As a widely traveled cosmopolitan, Barbara has four of them: She loves the Mövenpick parlour at the Limmatplatz in Zurich for their freshly baked ice cream cones – excusez: cornets. In Paris, at Maison Berthillon, she admires the fancy creations like nougat with orange. And once she discovered an organic ice cream shop at Rosenthaler Platz in Berlin who sold that delicious strawberry-mint ice cream. But it doesn’t always have to be the big wide world. Munching on apricot and rosemary ice cream at the Bilderbuchcafé in Havelberg makes Barbara forget all about Paris, Zurich and Berlin. Almost – except for that thing with the freshly baked cones.

Which memory do you associate with your favourite ice cream?

Actually just that when we were strolling towards Rosenthaler Platz, we had just seen Markus Kavka in a café, carrying to cups of coffee outside. And the fact that this strawberry-mint ice cream was such a unique, unreproducible experience. The shop has gone now – I guess it succumbed to the strong competition.