Why we are going for ice cream with her:
With a degree in cultural studies and many years of experience as an editor for architecture, she is the perfect fit for our press and PR work. Also, working with this 200.000 volt woman is a lot of fun.

Why do you live in Havelberg and not one of those great ice cream cities Berlin, Zurich or Paris?
I only moved here a bit more than a year ago from Zurich. It sounds completely insane, I know. But this little city 100 kilometres west of Berlin really is a gem - set inside the river Havel. That sounds like a lot of potential and it is. Since last year, the city’s most beautiful old house – a former vicarage from 1735 – belongs to me and my husband and after the refurbishment is finished we want to live there ourselves and also run a beautiful bed and breakfast.

What do you like about your job?
Which one do you mean? No, honestly: When I work, I usually get to deal with topics I had no idea about before. So every day I learn new stuff and I’m allowed to think – that’s not the case in every job. And sometimes I get to go for ice cream with nice people who I can then introduce to other people for a joint project. Basically, I like it busy.