Bernstein nework

Intelligent Portfolio Presentation

raumHOCH created a cloudFOLIO application for the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience (BCCN), allowing the scientific network to be presented in a multimedia format at conferences and trade shows.
Thanks to its responsible design and multi-platform capabilities, the app can be used on all the usual devices. Whether displayed on a desktop computer, a projection or a tablet, whether run on Windows, OS, iOS, Android or Linux, whether using a touchscreen or a mouse - the presentation always looks good.
The possibility to control large screens remotely via a tablet allows for optimal dialogue support - particularly in conference and trade show settings. Assisted by an integrated content management system, changing the presentation is simple, as is integrating text, images, PDFs, videos and web apps. An intelligent deployment mechanism ensures that all users are working with the most current version.


Services: Interface Design, programming
Image rights: Bernstein Netzwerk Freiburg, raumHOCH