What did you want to be when you grew up and why did the plan - in sticking to the topic at hand – get frozen?
Yeah, sure, a fireman. But I got over that quickly. I grew up with Star Trek and was fascinated by Gene Roddenberry’s vision to satisfy basic human needs with the help of technology, to be able to apply oneself to “higher” goals like education, research, and art. In many fields, we already have the potential, but we seldom use it. Anyway, when I was 12 or 13 years old, I got given a computer, I took it apart and put it together again – and from that point on I was useless as a fireman.

What are you going to do when you retire?
I don’t believe I can give up my work, questioning things, spinning out new ideas and creating something. Perhaps I’ll be an eccentric old inventor. I can’t imagine cruise ships or world trips, at least not at the moment.

Which projects do you definitely want to realise with raumHOCH?
There was already an idea to conceptualise a show truck in which digital and real world elements are optimally connected. To be more precise: “Industry 4.0 on Wheels”. Take the World Cup, for example: the thing would stand in front of the stadium, open up its sides, and out comes a transparent piece of machinery that can print out individual balls. For example, balls with the game results on them, plus the name of whoever is buying them. The whole thing with a lot of smoke and lights, think “Steampunk” sound effects, of course - a real experience. The point is to offer something for as many of the senses as possible. Everyone could customise “their” ball using a terminal or their smartphone. It would be printed out straight away and you can collect it from the machine and take it home with you. People will be talking about that sort of an experience long afterwards. It’s certainly much more fun than just being presented with a grey packet in the hallway.