What’s harder for you: starting or finishing?
That’s easy: finishing. Because you can always make things a little bit better. And then even better after that… I’m a perfectionist in the digital world. You couldn’t imagine what sort of world my living room is from, though.

Who’s allowed to call you tomorrow and ask you to collaborate?
Elon Musk von Tesla, because he uses really radical new technology. And because he pursues visions that other people think are absurd, like the Hyperloop. He simply doesn’t compromise on certain things. Maybe he’s not exactly a saint, but he’s a visionary. Oh, and in case anyone would like to deal with vertical farming, I’d also love to take part. I find the idea to produce food products in the tightest of spaces – in the middle of the city – fascinating.

What do you do to make the world a little bit better?
I try to use my programming knowledge for seminal or social projects – like vertical farming, for example. I also work with Georgi Musev for his fair ad filter Humancredit. And together with colleagues, I’m currently giving some thought to an app for registering refugees.