Augmented Storytelling | Chinaplas Shanghai

For the first appearance at the Chinaplas Expo in Shanghai, Clariant set itself the goal of being perceived as an innovative market leader. RaumHOCH and Fuenfwerken Design AG created a virtual e-car, which they had the opportunity to explore on the exhibition stand with an iPad. From a mysterious, streamlined graphics on the ground, a 3D-animated, walk-in electric car, provided with colorful Clariant "C-badges". Behind every badge are new additives, pigments and 3D printing technologies from the Clariant Plastik Portfolio, which enhance the safety, functionality and aesthetics of plastics, coatings and textile applications. With the help of the app, visitors learned about the structure and mode of action of the innovative components down to the molecular structure.
To additionally increase the entertainment value and the teaser function of the AR installation, visitors were able to drive themselves with the virtual electric car. The visitors were filmed, released in real time and mounted in the moving e-car. From the rapid ride through a mega city, the visitors were sent photos by e-mail, which they could share with a click in social media.
With the interactive AR application, raumHOCH and Fuenfwerken have succeeded in offering trade fair visitors an equally entertaining and brand-oriented experience, which has been correspondingly widely accepted.

Leistungen: conception, design, programming 
With: Fuenfwerken Design AG
Image rights: raumHOCH