Clariant Color Galaxy

Virtual Reality | ECS Nuremberg

On the occasion of the European Coatings Show, the meeting point for the European paint and colour industry in Nuremberg, raumHOCH took on the development of a virtual journey into the colour galaxy of Clariant, in collaboration with Fuenfwerken Design AG.
Slipping on a pair of virtual reality glasses, visitors left the real world at the trade show and found themselves in a galaxy once again - the "C Badge", Clariant's trademark, appeared before them, surrounded by supernovas and stars. Visitors could then choose from the current trending Clariant colours and create their own individual Clariant logo. Once the colours were chosen, visitors could graffiti the screen or throw paintballs. As soon as the ball landed on the logo, the visitor dived into a colourful, three-dimensional explosion of colour.
Once designed and completed, the logos were presented in an online gallery and could be downloaded by the respective "artists". With the interactive virtual reality application, raumHOCH and Fuenfwerken managed to offer an experience that was just as entertaining as it was brand-compatible, one that proved highly popular with its many visitors.


Services: concept, design, implementation planning, production monitoring, programming
with: Fuenfwerken Design AG
Image rights: raumHOCH