energy route | AR-App

Why is the energy revolution such a large challenge for the existing grid? What is DESIGNETZ and how does the project master the challenge?
DESIGNETZ develops intelligent solutions as a blueprint for the energy revolution by way of 30 individual projects with 47 partners in North Rhine-Westfalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland. DESIGNETZ is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy (BMWi) within the framework of the funding programme "Showcase of Intelligent Energy - Digital Agenda for the Energy Revolution (SINTEG)". The consortium leader is innology SE.
raumHOCH conceptualised and realised several communication modules for PR work on ongoing projects until 2020 together with TAS Emotional Marketing. For the so-called "Energy Route", steles have been developed and installed along the individual project sites as landmarks and communication carriers. On-site visitors at the steles can download an Augmented Reality App to explore the highly-complex and technical solutions in a simple and playful way.
Developed for iOS and Android, the App uses one of the "Markers" from the Corporate Design (website, printout, flyer), independent of the location. In addition to further PR and event modules, TAS and raumHOCH were also responsible for the accompanying information flyer and for an animated explanatory film that was produced based on the Augmented Reality app's unity application.

Services: Concept, draft, execution planning, production and programming
with: TAS Emotional Marketing
Image rights: raumHOCH, innogy SE