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Three Contests - No Unification Memorial:
Concept for a lasting interim solution
Exactly five years after the contest began and planning was approved, the implementation of the draft for a memorial for freedom and unification by Milla & Partner/Sasha Waltz was stopped by the German parliament's budget committee (sic!) due to an alleged cost increase from 10 to 15 million Euros. Three contests have been cancelled in Berlin and Leipzig since 2009. Architects, artists and agents had developed a total of 598 drafts - among them a submission by raumHOCH. Estimating a conservative average cost of 20,000 Euros per draft, creatives have contributed around 12 million Euros to the cause. Adding to this the costs accrued for planning and administration, these three cancelled contests have been responsible for an economic drain of more than 15 million Euros.

Another contest has been proposed. Since we can safely assume that this contest or the ones following it will also be discontinued sooner or later, raumHOCH has now developed a concept that facilitates the realisation of a long-term interim solution to a memorial for freedom and unity. The temporary memorial places all previously created drafts on 1:100 models, thus representing 598 different aspects of the peaceful revolution and German unity - consistently pursuing the basic principle of pluralistic democracy for the millions of GDR citizens that took to the streets in 1989.

raumHOCH made the idea and the draft available free of charge so that the interim memorial could be realised within a year at a cost of under 1 million Euros - well before the opening of the Berlin City Palace and the airport. The concept includes virtually endless possibilities to extend all drafts that result from any fruitless future contests. The base of the former national memorial for Emperor Wilhelm I, always intended for the new memorial, has been recommended as the location for the long-term interim solution, as the bats and the mosaic have already been resettled successfully. Alternative or additional locations for the realisation, such as Leipzig, are also possible at no extra cost.


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