Federal Republic of Germany

Contest for a memorial to freedom und unity | Berlin

With „memorial 2.0“ raumHOCH designed a contribution to the contest for a memorial to freedom and unity in Berlin.
On both sides of the 12 m wide and 36 m high media installation there is an imaging system of 12288 vertically rotating pixels shaped as stainless steel hands. Each “hand side” has a bright metallic surface; the other side is black so that one hand shows a bright or dark pixel due to the vertical rotation.
Thanks to a typographic or graphic display „Memorial 2.0“ can react to past, current or future events. It attempts to strengthen the will to an active future – an imperative, visualized by the hand as a symbol for democratic participation. By submitting comments and ideas on a webpage you can actively participate in the display. The posts are sorted democratically via polls.
„Memorial 2.0“ was among the top ten of more than 500 submitted drafts.

Benefits: Concept, Draft
Image rights: raumHOCH