Round Table Highlight

Round Table Highlight

Augmented reality app with object tracking
Intersolar Europe, München
Conceptual design, detail planning, media production, implementation
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App usage with AR Marker

As soon as you have installed the app on your smartphone, you can print out the marker here or click to enlarge it and then scan it with the app. Here we go…

At the round table – with Tesvolt

To make TESVOLT’s futuristic battery storage systems tangible, we sat them all down at an augmentable table at Intersolar Europe: The potentially interested parties, the business people with an affinity for numbers, the precise engineers and, of course, the highly motivated TESVOLT founders.

A user-centred AR service catalogue

We placed iconographic elements from the 3D printer on the table in order to locate problems known to industry. The problem scenarios were unlocked and explored via iPad – the solutions from TESVOLT could be experienced both in their complexity and in their practical benefits.

Chaos in the chicken coop

As soon as the user was immersed in Tesworld, the task was to supply a remote alpine hut with clean electricity or to save chickens from suffocation – we linked playful tasks with five realistic application fields and a comprehensive service catalogue. The implementation was done with our partners from 908video.

A shortcut to graduation

The table acted as a filter for lead qualification: the stand stood out from the competition, interested parties could go directly to the cases relevant to them and call up the corresponding offers themselves or have them explained by a sales employee.

Beer mat on tour

To keep the app usable for international sales, we have developed a to-go version in beer mat format. With the scanning of a single marker, Tesworld can be demonstrated at every acquisition meeting.