Boost my Booth

Boost my Booth

Bosch Rexroth auf der HM22
Hannover Messe 2022
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MCI Deutschland GmbH
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raumHOCH, MCI, Bosch Rexroth

In autumn 2021, Bosch Rexroth opened the Customer Benefits Center (CU.BE) in Ulm, designed by raumHOCH and MCI Germany. The exhibition stand at the Hannover Messe 2022 is to act as an “ambassador” for the new customer and innovation centre.

The “Boulevard of Benefits”. A Teaser and Mindsetter

As a central element of their exhibition stand, the “Boulevard of Benefits” formed a virtual bridge from Ulm to Hanover. Inspired by the brand claim “We move. You win”, the boulevard creates a dynamic brand space with a spatial-medial staging of the so-called “Move Patterns”. This takes visitors on an imaginative and surprising journey of discovery through the key themes of service, sustainability and software. The Boulevard ends with a 3×10 metre LED wall, which does not limit the exhibition stand, but rather expands it with a sophisticated perspective.

Track me and I’ll interact

The kinetic installations were developed together with the Berlin media artist group “kasuga”. The so-called CyPhyWalls record the movement of the visitors and allow them to interact with kinetic move patterns. The choreography of the physical patterns and their digital twins is realised in a real-time render engine. They react to the visitors’ movements and playfully symbolise the invisible world of the Digital Twins.

Don’t touch!

Gesture controlled LED walls are teaserien the main themes of the exhibition in the form of short videos. The Topic Browser Walls, in turn, offer another way to interact with the brand. Videos can be selected and highlight topics can be teased with the simplest, touch-free gesture control.

Virtual booth Extension

Finally, the LED wall at the end of the Boulevard takes visitors to the newly opened CU.BE Customer and Innovation Centre in Ulm, where Bosch Rexroth uses an innovative hybrid shop floor to provide insights into the Next and Beyond of factory automation. Films produced in the Ulm Hybrid Shopfloor will play in the virtual extension of the Boulevard, turning the exhibition stand in Hanover into a virtual extension of the CU.BE model factory. At regular intervals, a so-called Brand Boost is played on the Boulevard. Synchronously animated move patterns fly past the LED walls and draw all eyes to the stage. From there, the moderator takes to the stage, surrounded by real and virtual robots. 

Sustainable and modular

A presentation and dialogue furniture system specially developed for Bosch Rexroth was used for the first time at the Hanover Fair. In the future, it will be used at all trade fairs and showrooms worldwide. The construction and materials are such that the furniture can be reproduced anywhere on site. The material wood and the modular reusability effectively pay off in terms of sustainability.

With its mix of high-tech poetry and dialogue spaces, the exhibit convincingly engaged with the brand, mission and people of Bosch Rexroth. And brought it back full circle: after Hanover, the CU.BE is making its way (back) to Ulm.