PIN Popup Store

PIN Popup Store

Mobile Pop-up Store
collaboration on the concept, Implementation planning
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raumHOCH, hartmannvonsiebenthal

Glass Pop-Up Cubes

On the occasion of the market launch of the new flagship product Galaxy S III, raumHOCH created the constructive basis for a mobile pop-up store together with hartmannvonsiebenthal corporate architecture from Berlin. The temporary store provided space for the presentation of the Samsung brand and the sale of its products from the mobile sector. The compact, innovative pop-up pavilion is flexible and expandable, transformable, easy to set up and dismantle and adapts in shape and size to the conditions of the different locations.

Transparent and yet hidden

The constructively innovative mechanism offers sophisticated technical solutions: an outer shell of reflective double glazing that largely hides the supporting steel structure and provides different visual impressions day and night; inside, multifunctional ceilings and floors for integrating light, climate and acoustics as well as for fixing the furniture. The “pull-out” principle allows the entrance to emerge from the compact box as part of the façade and the cuboid furniture to become a presentation landscape for Samsung’s mobile portfolio. After the opening on the occasion of the Olympic Games in London 2012, the glass pop-up stores will be positioned at further SAMSUNG locations worldwide.