Push it!

Push it!

Bosch Rexroth
Infinity Gates
Customer and Innovation Center "CU.BE", Ulm
Conceptual design, Planning, programming, Design, visualization
MCI Deutschland GmbH
Image Rights
raumHOCH, MCI Deutschland GmbH, Bosch Rexroth AG
Red Dot Design Award, Annual Multimedia Award

The vision on stage

Industry 4.0 as an innovation machine is producing ever more complex production chains, factory processes, services and technologies that must act with ever greater agility and flexibility. With the new Customer and Innovation Center in Ulm (CU.BE), Bosch Rexroth is pooling all forces working on future technologies across the company and creating a unique presentation environment for its solutions of today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

To ensure that both the progressiveness and the value creation potential of Bosch Rexroth can be experienced in a catchy way, raumHOCH has created a Hybrid Showcase in the CU.BE in cooperation with MCI Deutschland. To give innovation a home. The result is two floors full of interaction potential, space for stories, presentations, time travel and sales talks – and for marvelling at technology.

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One gate, three time horizons full of history(s)

If we look at the room on the ground floor through the visitors’ glasses, we experience an entire floor on which five “Infinity Gates”, huge 100″ screens, provide insights into Bosch Rexroth’s diverse and innovative product range:

  • Using gesture control, we can open up the connections between performance history and product portfolio depending on the individual situation and interest.
  • The content of the mini-stories that can be experienced is divided into the time axes NOW.NEXT.BEYOND. We discover invisible scenarios from the future (Beyond) as well as technologies that are already available today with possible future connections (Now+Next).
  • Visitors are free to control the pace, topic and level of detail, while the app’s guide explains all the necessary instructions and details about the content.

Technical details:

We developed the intuitive touch gesture for clicking in the air especially for this application and Bosch Rexroth, and implemented it together with our partners from Framefield GmbH. What visitors perceive as an intuitive, logical gesture is the result of several years of development work:

  • The intelligent “VR-without-glasses” system of screen and head-tracking transforms the 100″ monitor into a gate through which one can “enter” a virtual world without the need for VR glasses. This is an optical-technical trick developed by raumHOCH, which has been tried and tested several times and make interactive applications become even more immersive.
  • The innovative user interface enables touchless interaction without any devices at all, by gestures and air clicks. VR navigation even without a VR controller, a system that will also gain importance in the real factory environment in the future.

Down into the now and tomorrow

In the basement, the future of Industry 4.0 awaits visitors. Real innovations are presented virtually – in a variety of scenarios – in a unique hybrid shopfloor. Click here for details. 

For this project, we have worked together with a large number of international experts and are proud and happy that the rooms and the ModelFab are being used daily and will soon be developed further together with our partners. If you have any questions, Georgi Musev is always the right contact person.