Red portals

Red portals

Virtual tour of the Sparkassen-City
"Sparkassentag", Hamburg
implementation, Planning, media production, Conceptual design, programming, construction management
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Chris Schaal

A tour through Sparkassen City

This project was a real quickie: within 8 weeks, the task was to create a virtual tour through the Sparkassen City created in Unity. The installation was presented at the Sparkassentag 2019 in Hamburg, where two parallel screens expanded the architectural staging and were the entry point to the virtual world: to match the exhibited e-charging station with a prototype of the Mercedes-Benz EQC, a bus drove into the scene in the start sequence. In 5 further scenes, the touchpoints of the DSV Group were presented in an exciting and interactive way.

The most beautiful view? From Offenbach to Frankfurt.

The walk through the red portal doors led to target group-specific touchpoints, next to public transport the portals led to the POS, products for private customers could be explored from the couch of a loft flat and the town hall was reserved for municipal representatives. A special highlight and little gimmick: the flight onto the roof of a house unrolled a banner on the opposite façade that pointed to the next DSV event. But it was not only the anticipation of the “Scope19” event, but also the view of the Frankfurt skyline with the ECB in the foreground that left the visitors excited.