Management meeting day 2009 | Heilbronn

As in the previous year, the management meeting of the EnBW was held in a shut-down part of the power station Heilbronn. The target was to develop a concept which meets the requirements of the costumers for daylight and darkening for the high projection demand during the event.
In order to live up to the claim two huge movable vertical blinds were developed which were printed on both sites and could be demand-controlled. The slat-walls fulfilled the desired light-controlled function and served as a communication tool for typographic messages at the same time.
In the outside area the successful concept of the previous year was realized: the EnBW summer board.

Services: Cooperation on Concept, Draft, Visualization
for: Milla & Partner (Advice | Creative Direction | Project Management)
Image rights: Jörg Eberl, EnBW, Milla & Partner