Management meeting Day 2007 | Heilbronn

The annual meeting of the management staff of the EnBW takes place in a closed part of the power plant Heilbronn. The location is constisted of a historical “boil hall” and a turbine hall – both in an almost unaffected condition.
The “boil hall” had to be designed for a big plenum with 650 participants in the morning and for a working inviroment for small groups in the afternoon. This was an exciting task. 100 hanging lamps were installed on the ceiling – inspired by the impulse beam of the EnBW CI|CD – floating from the ceiling into the room and transforming into working tables.


Services: Cooperation Concept, Draft, Implementation Planning, Tendering, Construction Management, Visualization, Media Production
for: Milla & Partner (Advice | Creative Direction | Project Management)
Image rights: Jörg Eberl, EnBW, Milla & Partner