Management Day | Heilbronn

As in the previous year it was a big challenge to use the location “Historischer Kesselsaal”, choosen by EnBW, in the closed area of the power station Heilbronn with various functions. In order to make room for new ways for the approximately 650 executives of the EnBW a scaffolding was built spanning several levels, serving as an exhibition and interaction area.
A parkour group performed and interpreted the event theme “new ways” in their own way and used the scaffolding, bathed in blue and orange light, in an acrobatic manner in front of the amazed participants.


Benefits: Cooperation Concept, Draft, Implementation Planning, Tendering, Construction Management Visualization, Media Production
For: Milla & Partner (Advice | Creative Direction | Project Management)
Image rights: Jörg Eberl, EnBW, Milla & Partner