Eye laser center | Hamburg

EuroEyes with its headquarters in Hamburg, provides services of eyetreatment with laser technology in many German cities. raumHOCH developed a corporate architecture for the headquarters which sybilizes service quality and which was continued as a brand identity at the German locations. Developing the layout of the existing building was very challenging. Nowadays “flowing” brand walls provide optimum use of space and much flexibility for events and speeches: They serve as room dividers and structure the entrance area, the preliminary examination and the party kitchen.
The equipment extens the company-CI in the space. It’s consisted of illuminated brand walls, reception desks and counters. The functional furniture had an appealing design. The lighting which is integrated in the ceiling illuminates the room indirectly. During the implementation we put emphasis on detailed planning and high quality of the design.


Benefits: Cooperation Concept, Draft, Implementation Planning, Tendering, Construction Management
Image rights: raumHOCH