What is your most beautiful association with your favourite ice cream?

Summer in Germany.


Why do you live in Berlin?

Because it’s the city with the highest quality of life, according to my own criteria at least. 


Why did you become an artist and graphic designer, and would do make the same choice today?

I became an artist and a graphic designer because I cannot decide what’s more trendy at the moment.
But seriously, moving towards an artistic direction was more an instinct than a decision. So I didn’t have a choice and would automatically do it again. And if it’s something to be grateful for, I would like to thank my ancestors, probably.


For several years you were the assistant of Tobias Rehberger, and you are making independent art projects. What’s the difference between art- and communication projects?

From my own perspective, in my artistic work I am not necessarily accountable to someone for my job. This allows a much wider experimental range. Trial and study are in the foreground. Generally speaking, as an artist you choose a problem to be worked on and a content to be transported on your own. As an author you are obligated to be autonomous and self-reliant in a way.
Commissioned work – for example communication projects – are a concrete task to be solved for a creative person which, in turn, has it’s own charm due to the resulting performance pressure. Because the result has to work, and the content has to communicate unmistakably. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a good job. However, art can also be good when it ends with an open and unanswered question.