What excites you about „spatial communication“?

That it fully includes the human being as a physical and sensual being and interaction is possible with movement in space. In contrast to the screen- or print products the perception is adressed on all areas and therefore allows a higher and more intense service quality of the contents.
Furthermore this is a wonderful opportunity to combine my background as a studied product designer with my profession as a graphic designer.


Why were you as fascinated as we were by the Aperiodic tiling of Robert Amman as a key structural idea for our new corporate design and the website?

One the one hand because I find Amman’s A3 tiling system with it’s precise logic and visual tension extremely aesthetically exciting which at the same time opens the way to very simple and reduced as well as complex graphics and picture compositions.
On the other hand because it works almost perfectly as an abstract characterization of the work and attitude of raumHOCH (for example conceptual intelligence, creative flexibility, modularity, accuracy). Therefore it’s usage in the realization of the appearance was more than natural. This insight was almost an enlightment (thank you Fredy Reimert and Andreas Landowski)