IFA | Berlin

The new trade fair wardrobe for the Fraunhofer Corporation, Europe's largest organisation for applied research and development services, was revealed for the first time at IFA 2015.
Innovative products and projects from the institute were displayed in a 95 m² stand, presented in so-called "focus frames", quadratic elements measuring almost 2.5 metres high that serve several purposes. The frames present a unified structure for an almost inconceivable number of research projects and developments. Where the frame remains the same, the content is versatile, convertible, surprising and innovative.
Visitors can distinguish the individual institutes from each other by colour. At IFA, for example, three institutes were represented with blue, orange and green frames. The new trade fair concept will be used in the next three years at many national and international events and exhibitions. 

Services: Concept, draft, consultation on implementation
Image rights: raumHOCH