Georgi Musev_03

You left raumHOCH – professionally at least in order to realize your project Humancredit which aims the analog world to benefit from the value of the internet. What is your special idea about it? And how do you make it true?

With my company Humancredit I want to change the communication between big companies and internet users. Nowadays the companies mainly communicate with users via ads. I think this is a sick way communicating, we are pressed from all side with ads, we try to protect us and to hide. As a result, the companies try to find new ways to gain our attention. A vicious circle which causes an incredible waste of resources. Every year the companies spend billions for unnecessary and annoying advertisements. If the ads were used more targed orientated a part of the saved budget could be spent for social measures.


How can this work?

With a social ad blocker, for example – which we are currently developing. With this ad blocker each user only sees the advertisement he’s interested in – and which pays for his attention and his feedback. This money will be used for a humanitarian project. This way, we also create a digital self-determination.


Would you make your decision for Human credit again?

The desire to found Humancredit was so strong that I told myself: I invest all my energy and dedicate myself to it completely. I am on the right track and would do it again. But deep in my heart I still belong to raumHOCH.