Georgi Musev_04

What would be the perfect communication in space for Humancredit?

Like the concept of Humancredit, the translation into the space should have many dimensions in the first place. Maybe everything could be derived from a triangle. The performance should make the human scale tangible – and the meeting of three roles we human beings can have regarding Humancredit: As consumers, as part of the industry and as part of the society.


If you had a wish apart from ice cream: Who could call you tomorrow and ask for a collaboration?

Well, if Mozilla was calling, Humancredit would have the right partner overnight. Their values correspond with the ones of Humancredit: The dream of an internet which is given back to the users, which is fair and which doesn’t patronize anyone.


After Humancredit, what will be your next project for a better world?

I can imagine, perhaps as a teacher, to inspire young people to become committed to their environment. It would be exciting to accompany them when they start to critically look at the world and to discover their responsibility. I think that’s a magical moment. I would like to awake the awareness that they can achieve almost everything and that there’s no reason to fear that many things aren’t possible.