CODE_n auf der CeBIT | Hannover

The project CODE_n12 was initialized at the CeBIT 2012 under the motto SHAPING MOBILE LIFE. Innovative startups and new ideas for digital concepts of the future were selected in a competition of which 50 young companies were picked out. Each of them got an area of about 15 sqm and a presentation table for free. So the winners had the chance to present their ideas in the course of the CODE_n booth appearance, initiated by the GFT Technologies AG. The 3500 sqm installation was designed by the artist Tobias Rehberger in collaboration with the architect Jürgen Meyer H. The designed environment was completely different than the usual exhibition appearances: All walls, furniture and the floor were painted in silver, formed to a large overall installation with fluorescent lines, painted on-site by the team of Tobias Rehberger.
The rigging, installed over the whole area, worked as a three dimensional room sculpture.

Beneftis: Prelimenary Planning, Implementation Planning, Proposal and Awarding, Construction Management
For: Milla & Partner (Consulting | Project Management)
Image rights: raumHOCH