Heike Wilhelm_02

Thinking of your favourite ice cream, what’s your most beautiful thought or memory?

The day my daughter tried this hazelnut ice cream for the first time. Now we always eat it together and she asks for it – and not for chocolate ice cream or something else.


What do you like about Hamburg?

All the water, the cosmopolitism and the contrast between the different districts – from the Schanzen district to Eppendorf and the harbor: Hamburg has many faces. Hamburg ist a city with a very high quality of life, and the creative scene is one of the most productive in Germany - this is a tremendous benefit in terms of my profession.


When you were a child, what did you want to become – and why was the plan put on ice– to stick to the subject?

As a child I didn’t have a real dream except for becoming a doll doctor maybe. At school I wanted to become a physicist because I love experiments. But you have to be real brilliant – I was really good but not brilliant. At the same time, I started to like drawing more and more – and I knew that a creative profession was right for me.

Would you choose your profession again today? Why?

Yes, for sure cause I do it with passion. In my opinion my profession is something which is in my mind for 24 hours and that gives me a great fulfillment.