Heike Wilhelm_03

At raumHOCH we discovered the Amman principle for us, and this interview will also be read on a “carpet” of Amman tiles. To what extent do pattern-systems or simple patterns perform well the corporate branding in your opinion?

Good brand performances are like a pattern because they are more consisted of elements than of a logo, a font, a picture. The trick is to create something flexible and recognizable at the same time. Now we are implementing a interior brand picture in the field of hotels. This is particularly exciting because we are creating something typical of a brand without strikingly repeating a logo all the time. For this purpose a brand appearance must work like such a pattern-system.


What characterizes good communication in space?

When it’s possible to experience with all senses - even to smell it at some point - what a good brand stands for. And I think it’s important that the appearances have a continuity over the years and a brand doesn’t make this impression today and that impression tomorrow. Good communication in space plays with basic elements which the costumers experiences in different ways again and again. I strongly believe in that. Srong brands must face this challenge. They must communicate in various ways, present themselves in a new way again and still remain clearly recognizable.