Heike Wilhelm_04

Jung von Matt and raumHOCH: At this point were are unpretentious and call it a dream team. From your point of view? For which project?

A future project – that means creating a brand born out of real and digital, a startup for example. A brand which we could completely start from scratch.


If you had a wish apart from ice cream, who could call you tomorrow and ask for a new brand image? Including a successful communication in space, of course ...

Honestly, I’d like to work for the church cause it has a massive image problem. And I think it would be possible to do a lot with a space concept. After all, the church has a lot of space to offer but it’s not arranged in a modern way. So if the Pope was calling tomorrow, that would be cool!


What do you do for a better world?

A good design can make the world better, easier, more social and also more beautiful – you only have to look around, there’s enough to do. In my private life I try to equip my daughter with right values and show her that she’s loved.