... only to move to Berlin later and build up an agency branch on the Spree. What does Berlin have that Wiesbaden doesn’t?
I came here at the end of the 90’s when Berlin was the city of cellar bars. The openness and the endless possibilities offered by this city drew me in and never let go. It was a real experiment field! Of course, Berlin has changed and become more stressful. But there are still plenty of creative people, all of them battling to prove who is the brightest star and the greatest. And today, my biggest challenge is to find the best creative people for our office. Wiesbaden is very different there, perhaps a bit more reserved, a bit calmer.

What did you want to do when you were a kid, and what changed?
Pilot. Or a soccer pro. Or an architect. At some point I worked out that you had to train too intensively to be a soccer pro, but soccer training was always a lot of fun for me. The idea to be an architect came from my father, who always created wonderful engineering patent designs, and that fascinated me. And apart from that, I always loved playing with Lego, and I still do today with my kids. But soon enough, I figured out that I wanted to study design.