Which book would you never give away?
“Make Design Matter” by David Carlson. And “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek. And of course, the books that we designed ourselves with Fuenfwerken.

That’s a lot of books. Then there’s probably also an educational experience that you hold dear to your heart…
I can’t really pin it down. When it comes to learning, I’m really impressed at the moment by all the ways in which my kids are allowed to acquire knowledge. All three of them go to a Montessori school and have space to explore and go deeper into particular topics in their own way. I would have loved to have learned like that. When I look back at my own educational biography, I didn’t have that. But I was really excited when I did my diploma and got to know through both my diploma partners what it meant to be part of a team: you bring your strengths together and then you can create something good. I was never a name designer, even the font “Vialog” was created together with my professor – and I always found the collaboration really valuable. I always found the idea of being a lone wolf, as it used to be taught and cultivated, abhorrent.

What do you do on a surprise day off?
Oh, that depends if I’m on my own or with my family. If my family were there, then I’d build lots of things out of Lego together with my kids. If I were alone, I would drink coffee, do some sport, go for a walk and read or listen to an audiobook.