What’s makes communication in a space turn into really good communication in a space?That would be when the intended communication is made into an experience. This intention has to be shared directly – as an experience that excites people and stays in their memory. It can be playful, ambling or simply direct, expert and efficient. Really good communication in a space has to support me in my understanding of the topic and the meaning of the space, in a space in which I feel comfortable and enjoy being. Then, it can be an experience for me if either the pure architectural space solution moves me effectively with its high qualitative beauty, or if it harmonises with graphic, object-oriented, digital presentation as a holistic messenger of a communicative intention.

Fuenfwerken and raumHOCH: Surely the perfect team! Now: for which projects?
At the moment we are busy working together on a project for the Swiss Clariant, and I believe that our combined capabilities are extremely well-suited. We’re interested in telling good stories that are aesthetically pleasing in design and are beautiful to experience. I like that we can play together with many different possibilities in both analogue and virtual spaces. I believe that as a team, we are particularly skilled at designing the transition between analogue and virtual reality in a way that is flowing and elegant.

What do you do to make the world a little bit better?
Let me explain my answer a bit: I’m really discovering at the moment how my children are developing and how they’re searching for their place in the world. Through my children, I’ve learnt not to make myself so important and to develop more compassion. And then I carry these observations with me into the office, too. So I’m trying to design a framework for my daily life in the office that allows for maximum creativity. If everyone acted with this sort of compassion, I believe that would make our world better. But, as always, you can only start with yourself. But daily life often makes it very hard to filter out goals that give meaning and to focus on them. A second realisation for me is that we don’t lose out by sharing our experience and knowledge, rather, we even get something extra back. That motivates me.