I never want to be a lone wolf

Name: Helmut Ness. Taunuskind, Schriftgestalter und Corporate Designer

Favourite Ice Cream Flavour: Vanille

Favourite Ice Cream Parlour: Eiscafé Isabel in Berlin’s Gräfe district. I went there for the first time with my eldest daughter shortly after she was born. I’ve been there often with the kids in the past and today, I still love going on the weekend with the family.

Why we’re eating ice cream with him:
We’ve known Helmut and his Fuenfwerken team for years. We share a fascination for really good brand communication – regardless of whether it’s in two or three dimensions. We also share a passion for good design. At the moment, we’re working together on a project for the Swiss chemical corporation Clariant and we’re setting new standards for the application of digital innovation in the process.

Where did you grow up? And how did you find it there?
I was born in Taunus and grew up there – very protected and always looking out at Frankfurt’s skyline. My mother is Swiss, from Engafin, and my father comes from Kiel. They met each other in Frankfurt and stayed in the area. I wanted to study design in Zurich, but I ended up switching to Wiesbaden for family reasons and that's where I ended up founding Fuenfwerken with my fellow students.