Trade Fair Presentation App for iOS | Euroshop 2011

raumHOCH conceptualised a box covered in board surfaces that extended visually over the hallway on two stand spaces of 24m² and 40m². An optical illusion made small stand spaces seem like an immersive space experience under the banner "24m² + 40m² = 960m²".
The claim "We understand and we do" was perceptible both inside and out: the outer shell showed sketches and ideas from successful Holtmann projects. The material-rich interior design documented Holtmann's competences in realising these projects.
Turned mirrors on the rear walls reflected both parts of the box into each other. "Right" and "left" became a visual reflection of endless depth. A further highlight was the chandelier constructed using 72 yardsticks.
A table made of 40 year-old wooden planks formed the centre of the stand and told a piece of the Holtmann story. The media presentation, developed by raumHOCH in a chalk look, could be followed on iPads using hyperzoom control. The stand received the EXHIBITOR Magazine's EuroShop 2011 Award in the "Small Exhibit" category as well as a silver ADAM-Award.

Services: Concept, draft, artistic supervision
Image rights: raumHOCH