EuroShop 2011 | Dusseldorf

raumHOCH planned a box which was covered with board surface. It optically covered the area of two booths of 24 m x 40 m.
With an optical illusion small booth areas became an immersive experience, underlined by the motto: 24 sqm + 40 sqm = 960 sqm
The claim: „We understand and we do” could be experienced outside and inside. The shell showed sketches and ideas of successful Holtmann projects. The demanding design of the interieur underlined the implementation skills.
Inverted placed mirrors at the back walls reflected both parts of the box into each other. “Right” and “left” became an optically internal deep space. Another highlight were chanceliers, each one constructed of 72 folding rules.
A table of 40 years old wooden planks, was the center of the booth and offered a little bit of the Holtman history. The media presentation, developed by raumHOCH in “chalk look”, was shown on iPads via a hyperzoom control system
The booth won the EXHIBITOR Magazine’s Euroshop 2011 award in the category “small exhibit” and the ADAM award in silver.


Benefits: Concept, Draft, Artistic Supervision

Image rights: raumHOCH