EuroShop 2014 | Dusseldorf

For this years exhibition appearance of the Holtmann Messe+Event from Langenhagen raumHOCH developed and realized a special experience. Three stands/stand views were created on an area of only 50 sqm. Holtmann presented itself as an experienced implementer of high quality exhibition stands and showrooms in almost museal surroundings with artistic photos of projects on a roughly smoothed plasterboard.
A collection of private photos and diary entries of the staff members, presented in the manner of a “Petersburger Hängung”, provided personal insights into the company.
But the most surprising view was offered by the widely announced spyhole. Here you could recognize a sketch of another image collection which was shown in an anamorphically distorted space. By clicking on the spyhole the photos changed their frames of the sketch and presented various projects. Many spectators changed the view from the spyhole multiple times in order to experience the spatial surroundings with the projection of the anamorphically distorted and medially installed sketch from different angles.
Our concept won the EuroShop award by the American EXHIBITOR magazine already during the exhibiton! We are very proud to have won this award for the second time in a row.

Benefits: Concept, Draft, Creative Direction, Media Production (cloudFOLIO)
Image rights: raumHOCH, Chris Schaal